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Warm Winter Leggings

Warm Winter Leggings

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Say goodbye to freezing cold legs this winter!

Do your legs get cold during the fall and winter months?

You know the problem. You wear a thick winter jacket, a scarf, a hat and gloves. The entire upper body is warm and comfortable. But your legs stay cold!

Cold legs can cause you to freeze, no matter how well you're wrapped up.

With these super thick, padded leggings you get nice, warm legs that stay warm in temperatures up to -25 degrees Celsius!

These thermal leggings have a flexible outer material, are very soft and comfortable against the skin and have a high waist that makes your legs and stomach look slimmer!

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Why these leggings sell so much in Sweden

Nicely warm legs on cold days

These padded, windproof, thick leggings keep the heat around the legs and are ideal for temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius!

Thermal inner lining

The inside of the leggings is made of a soft, thick fleece lining that keeps you warm without adding more weight, perfect for fall and winter.

Wonderfully soft without skin irritation

The wonderfully soft fleece lining of the leggings causes no irritation or damage to the skin.

Fits under many different clothes

These leggings can be worn under any outfit. You can wear it directly as outerwear with a nice cardigan on top or even as leggings under a skirt!


Colour: Black
Size: S - 2XL
Material: Cotton/Spandex

1 x Warm winter leggings
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