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Stay Warm Anytime, Anywhere!

Don't want to leave the heat from your wood-burning stove at home on cold days?

Just bring the heat with you from now on!

The heated BodyHeat vest will definitely help you through the winter.

Ultra heating elements are located on the front, back and neck of this stylish vest.

The vest can be adjusted in three different settings, so you can easily adapt it to your situation.

The heating vest warms the body, promotes blood circulation, consumes excess calories and relieves muscle pain.

It activates various functions in the skin and increases metabolism, increases the oxygen and fluid content of the blood and restores vitality!

If you've been through your back, this vest also provides very pleasant pain relief.

✔ Options for your comfort
BodyHeat has three temperature settings and several heating zones. The upper back, abdomen and waist are heated by carbon fiber heating elements.

✔ Easy to charge
Charging the BodyHeat is very easy as it uses USB charging. Take your warm, comfortable body warmer with you wherever you go.

✔ Carry it anywhere
The BodyHeat vest is stylish and lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing, winter fishing, mountain biking, cycling, camping, snowshoeing, hunting, street sightseeing, daily office, etc.

✔ Durable
BodyHeat is safe, insulated and windproof, but also durable, waterproof and skin-friendly.

Material: 100% polyester fiber

Color: Black/navy/red

Temperature settings: warm 45 °C, comfort 35 °C, energy-saving 25 °C

Size: ST/M 6XL

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