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Dinosaur Excavation Kit

Dinosaur Excavation Kit

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Exploration of secret dinosaur fossils!

An adventurous journey into a world of exciting discoveries.

Exciting and educational entertainment with our discovery sheet.

The dinosaur skeleton is carefully dug out of the mud, piece by piece, and then assembled with imagination as your guide.

You will experience an activity that not only stimulates your cognitive ability, logic and dexterity, but also builds your confidence and patience, all while having fun.

For a break from screen time: Promote meaningful activities!

A perfect and meaningful Christmas present - Valid while stocks last.

Logical Thinking, Patience & Imagination

Train your logical thinking, exercise your patience and explore your imagination.

After use, you can easily reuse the clay by wetting it, placing the skeleton parts back and letting it dry for about 12 hours until it hardens.

The ultimate tool for budding paleontologists and archaeologists!

Imagination & Confidence

The kit contains:

Suitable for children aged 3 and up (under adult supervision).
Use the safety glasses provided to avoid splashes.
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