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The children's Christmas tree

The children's Christmas tree

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Let your child's creativity flow this Christmas

Watch your child develop their motor skills, color recognition and imagination as they decorate their very own Christmas tree, which includes loads of ornaments for endless possibilities.

Our adorable toddler friendly tree and snowman will keep your little ones entertained all the way until Christmas Eve.

Tip, use string lights for more effect.

Play and learn at the same time

With our nice Christmas tree, you can practice your child's practical skills and abilities in a simple and fun way.

Practice colors, shapes, math and creativity while your child makes their own Christmas tree.

Crafts all the way until Christmas Eve

Our Christmas tree kit is the perfect craft for children of all ages.

The Christmas tree is easy to always have in front of you for your children to play and tinker with because it is also a Christmas decoration.

No glue or scissors are needed as all decorations have velcro and are easily put up on the Christmas tree by simply pressing them.


Material: High quality felt
Dimensions: Choose from 4 different variants
A: Christmas tree 45X110 cm + 3o different decorations)
B: Christmas tree: 70X110 cm + 40 different decorations
C: Christmas tree + Santa 83X95 cm + 28 different decorations
D: Snowman 48X59 cm + accessories
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